Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Metal Forming Magazine

Brad Kuvin, Editor of Metal Forming Magazine, in his April editorial, recognized Laystrom as a "forward thinking" company due to our recent install of a high-efficiency steam boiler and high-efficiency aluminum windows.

More from Bob Laystrom:

With the help of the CITY OF CHICAGO through a ‘Small Business Improvement Fund’ (SBIF) grant, we have made two GREEN investments. We found that working with the city on this program was ridiculously simple – another way that the City supports business in Chicago. The City is picking up ½ of the cost of these major capital improvements.

First we replaced all of our 2nd floor office windows (circa 1940’s) with high efficiency windows. We are using less energy, and also getting the benefits of reduced glare, improved appearance and noise reduction.

The second investment - we are replacing our low pressure steam boiler used to heat the factory (circa 1920’s) with a modern high efficiency boiler with an expected reduction in natural gas usage of 10-15%.

Thanks to the City of Chicago, Alderman Reboyras (, the staff at Somercor ( ) and the staff at Greater Northwest Chicago Development Corporation ( ) A link to the City’s webpage for the SBIF program is:,+engine+has+been+restarted&contenTypeName=COC_EDITORIAL&

As Bob says, working with the city could not have been easier throughout this process. As summer comes around we can all attest to the wonderful benefits of having tinted efficient windows - the thermostat remains untouched and, as I write this, a cool afternoon breeze sweeps through the offices. Now that's a way to make the office workforce more efficient too!