Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2008 Letter to customers and friends

Just before Christmas, Bob and I personally signed and sent this letter to many of our customers and friends, along with our annual calendar. If you didn't receive either, let me know and I'll remedy that!

Dear Customers and Friends,

Like many of you, we have found this to be an interesting year. As we wind the clock forward to 2009, we all have questions that need to be answered, and a vision of the future to be understood.

Has the sky fallen?
Our answer is No. Some of our customers are up, and some are not – none have filed for bankruptcy, and we don’t expect any will. We remain positive about the long-term direction of manufacturing and, for our part, we will continue to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations as we have for 58 years.

Concerned about costs?
Twice this past year a major customer of ours was faced with escalating costs and asked us to join them in the pursuit of cost containment. We readily agreed, and through a co-operative design process we reduced our customers’ costs by 20% for upwards of $60,000 in annualized savings. How can we help you control costs?

What are you planning for the 2009?
Earlier this year we purchased a Flexible 4000W Laser Manufacturing System. This system delivers speed, agility and lights-out 24/7 automation. It is another significant and strategic investment that keeps us firmly at the forefront of metal processing capability. We are planning our future and, while we do not expect it to be easy, it is a bright future. Come see for yourself!

We are a diverse organization, not beholden to the Big 3 and we do not need a bailout!
With you, our customers and friends, we are working our way towards a stronger, more resilient manufacturing industry. At the core of our relationships is a belief in collaborative effort and partnership. It is in the melding of our strengths with yours that we both grow stronger and help each other remain at the competitive edge of industry.

For questions about our new laser, our plans for the future, and for more on how Laystrom can help you meet your goals, call me at 773.852.3863, or email me at colin.cosgrove@laystrom.com.

Lets make it a prosperous 2009 together!